Open NK Paraklimmen 2021, Sun, 17 Oct 2021 11:00:00 +0200, IVY climbing, Sittard

Discipline: Lead
Status: Processed

On October 17 The Dutch Open Paraclimbing Championship will take place for the second time at IVY Climbing in Sittard.

Dutch and foreign climbers with a physical impairment can join this Open Dutch Championship. We want our Open Dutch Championship to be a competition on a high level that's why foreign paraclimbers are also welcome to participate.

Practical information


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Classification Saturday October 16th 2021
Competition day Sunday October 17th 2021

IVY Climbing
Milaanstraat 115
6135 LH Sittard
The Netherlands
046-870 0086 

Federation: NKBV contact:
Venue: IVY Climbing
Jury President: Dave Suetens
Chief Routesetter: Helena Alemán Sobrino
Classifiers:  Lara Huisman, Sandra Titulaer en Myrna Heijdenrijk

On October 1st the registration is closed.

Are you curious who’s climbing in the competition? You can find all the participants and results here.

Registration fees
There will be a registration fee of €20,- euros and will be paid at registration by credit card or ideal. If you haven’t paid at registration you can pay cash on the competition day.

If you are unable to be present at the competition please let us know as soon as possible by sending us an email (

Travelling & COVID-19
In the Netherlands are still COVID-19 rules in place. Here you can find the most up to date information about COVID-19 and entering the Netherlands. We organise our event with Covid-19 rules in mind.

You need;
a negative NAAT (PCR) test result based on a sample collected no more than 48 hours before departure in the foreign country, or
a negative antigen test result based on a sample collected no more than 24 hours before departure.
When you are feeling sick, stay at home. And send an email to the organisation for cancellation of your registration.  

Testen voor toegang / Testing for venue access
The most important rule is that you have to show proof that you are fully vaccinated, or are tested in the last 24 of 48* hours before the event (* NAAT PCR test).
You can use the corona check app to show us your QR code at the entrance of the event on Sunday 17th of October. On Saturday (classification day) this is not necessary.
tIf you are not vaccinated you can book a COVID-19 test at the COVID-19 test centre near the gym (Fortuna Stadion, Milaanstraat 120, 6135 LH, Sittard) When you are tested negative you receive an email with a link. In the email is explained how you can transform your result in a QR code. You can also read it here.

You can make a reservation for the COVID-19 test on the following website.

The competition is organised based on IFSC rules. We make two exceptions:
We are merging categories when smaller than 4 participants.
We added one female and male Category (Open Category) for climbers who got classified Non Eligibe.
We merged all athletes of the female and male B categories.

We honoured one application for dispensation. This application was regarding the age minimum.

There is a qualification round (with two routes) followed by a final round (one route). For the Open Category there will be one round with multiple routes.
Qualifying for finals
To qualify for finals the following rule will be used:
Number of athletes divide by 2 with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 8.

For the top three of every category there will be an award.

October 16 - 10.00 - 16.30 classification

Program competition

October 17 - 9.00 gym opens
October 17 - 11.00 15.45 qualification
October 17 - 18.00 final
October 17- 20.00 award ceremony

Program Open Category

October 17 - 9.00 gym opens
October 17 11.00 - 17.00 competition round with multiple routes
October 17 21.00 award ceremony
On October 16th on 19.00u the timetable will be updated on the website.

There is place for audience. So bring all your support! They also need to be tested for access to the venue.

Warming up area
In the gym there is a boulder section were you can warm up. There is also some possibility to warm up in routes.

The gym is accessible for people in a wheelchair.

Fletcher Hotel Sittard (in the same building as the venue):
Watersley Sports and Talent park (5km from the venue, budget stay):

Petzl Dutch Championship Lead 2021
In the evening of October 16th the Petzl Dutch Championship Lead 2021 is held in the same climbing gym. Tickets are €10,- and available at: Or at the venue, if you want to buy at the door make sure to make a reservation. Sand an email to

18.00 gym open for audience
19.00 start finales
22.00 award Ceremony

Paraclimbing - AL2 + RP3 (male) : The competitionresults are not public.

Paraclimbing - B1 + B2 (male) + B2 + B3 (Female) : The competitionresults are not public.

Paraclimbing - Open Category (female) : The competitionresults are not public.

Paraclimbing - RP1 (female) : The competitionresults are not public.

Paraclimbing - RP1 + AU1 (male) : The competitionresults are not public.

Paraclimbing - RP2 (male) : The competitionresults are not public.

Paraclimbing - RP2 + AU2 (female) : The competitionresults are not public.

Paraclimbing - RP3 + AL2 (female) : The competitionresults are not public.